Summer Urban Food Systems Internship

The Harvard Garden Summer Internship provides a unique opportunity for two undergraduates to learn about urban farming and the food system in the greater Boston area. The internship is managed by the Food Literacy Project (FLP) Coordinator and the interns work closely with, and report directly to, the FLP Coordinator.

The ideal candidate is self-motivated, hardworking and eager to learn about urban farming. Applicants must be comfortable working independently, outside, and with little daily supervision. They should be capable of conceiving, creating and implementing innovative ideas to bring together members of the community in an effort to raise awareness about the critical role that food plays in our environment and our health.

Interns are required to have some term-time involvement to introduce them to the project and the responsibilities of managing the garden. Term-time involvement is a few hours per week involvement in the Garden Club beginning in April (to create a growing plan and calendar for the summer, learn essential gardening techniques, and become acquainted with the Garden’s administration and finances).

What you’ll do:

•    Working with the other intern, with guidance from the Food Literacy Project Coordinator, to maintain and develop the garden (weeding, planting, composting etc…), including weekly “field walks” (about 1 1/2 days per week).
•    Managing the business, record keeping, and online presence of the garden (including weekly blog posts) (about ½ day per week).
•    Organizing community programming, including collaborating with PBHA, teaching lessons for summer students/camps, organizing regular film screenings, a weekly open workday, and other aspects of the garden that promotes education and engagement in issues of food justice and sustainable agriculture (about 1 day per week).
•    Work at the Harvard Farmers’ Market (1 day per week).
•    Participating in regular classes, field trips, and volunteer opportunities to learn about urban farming, entrepreneurship, and food justice (1/2 day per week).
•    Opportunities for independent projects and initiatives! Each intern develops an independent project related to the garden (1/2 day per week).
•    Writing a report at the end of the season.

What you’ll gain:

•    Expanded knowledge about and insight of the food system, especially urban agriculture.
•    Networking opportunity in the food system.
•    Garden and farming skills and an introduction to food politics.
•    Leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
•    Demonstrable experience in event planning, budgeting, communication, teaching, curriculum development, organizing, management, and marketing.

The details:

•    Commitment: 35-40 hours per week (full time) June 1st through August 28th. Scheduling can be flexible to allow for other commitments. One week vacation.
•    Compensation: $1,500 stipend, room in a Harvard dormitory for the summer, and dining access at Annenberg dining hall during summer school period.