A Few Weeks in...

Though the current weather belies it, summer is upon us!

Between the opening of the Farmer's Market in the plaza, a relaxing evening showing of food-themed movie Chocolat and a couple of very productive workdays, together, we and the garden are starting to get into the swing of the summer season.Movie Night 6/11

Some upcoming projects to get excited about:

    • a gazebo structure to provide shade and a space to rest for weary workday-ers
    • a cob oven to bake our very own veggie pizzas (yum)
    • a wash station to make our veggies all squeaky clean and ready to munch
    • the conversion of a greenhouse into a covered shed to house all our handy-dandy tools

Our harvest so far includes some peppery arugula, soft green pea shoots, a rainbow of radishes, and those adorable little curly cues known as garlic scapes. We're looking forward to the bounty that the rest of summer brings!

Garden love from your summer interns,

Marina and Kevin