The Garden's Ultimate June Week or How is it Already July??

As I sit here under the uncertain, ever-changing skies of Cambridge, I realize that it has been a full month since this summer garden internship began. Officially, summer started last week with the solstice, and now here July comes chomping at the bit, soon to overtake us whether we like it or not. This too is the nature of the garden, a small patch of calm and methodical growth and decay, defiantly moving too slowly to be perceptible, yet deliberately proceeding in the midst of the chaotic concrete urban landscape. Noticing the tiny but methodical daily changes in the garden  highlights the strange paradox of natural timescales that make it so that a month is barely a drop in the bucket and all the time in the world simultaneously. I appreciate this little reminder that the world knows what it's doing, even if we don't always.

Our time not spent in the garden itself is divided between the farmer's market, small jaunts to neighboring farms and reading, thinking about and discussing different parts of the food system, resulting in an incredibly rich experience so far. I can't wait to see what the next two months bring! 

Meandering musings aside, some highlights from the last week:

  • Monday evening, we harvested some yummy greens, chard, scapes and herbs to bring over to our friends at the Harvard Square summer shelter and had fun preparing the evening meal with the volunteers there.
  • On Wednesday, we visited Rosasharn Farm, run by Margiana's mother Anne, as well as Margiana's farm right nearby. While there we squashed some pesky little potato beetles, harvested over a thousand garlic scapes, greeted the baby goats and glimpsed a small snapshot of farm happenings. On our way home, we stopped by Spring Rain farm to pick (and eat!) pounds of delicious strawberries!
  • Thursday brought both lessons in food preservation and our second movie night. In the morning, we made strawberry-mulberry-rhubarb-green apple jam, as well as a spicy plum sauce and garlic scape pesto; we also jarred some sauerkraut and kimchee that had been fermenting for the last week or so. In the evening, we showed Fantastic Mr. Fox with as good of a turn out at last time!

Next week we're planning to have a special star-spangled combination workday AND movie night to celebrate the holiday. We hope you can join us!