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    We donate!

    During the summer, our produce is donated to Food for Free and the Faith Kitchen each week.

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    In the heart of Harvard Square!

    Visit us at our new location at the Radcliffe Quadrangle, 10 Garden Street!

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    Soothing camomile.

    Edible landscaping at the Garden prioritizes growing plants with culinary or medicinal properties in an aesthetic arrangement.

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    Be a Garden intern!

    The Harvard Community Garden hires two interns each summer. Apply online!


The Harvard Community Garden is a student-run green space in the heart of Harvard Square. We engage the community about urban farming and sustainable living practices. The garden is up and growing March through November. Stop by and visit!

Garden Blog

The Professional

Our first day in the garden we slowly worked our way through each bed discovering its contents and measuring its progress. As we planted new squash seeds in the bed next to the herbs we were set upon by whirlwind in the form of a short European woman in a linen shirt. With flyaway hair and focused features she conquered the eggplant bed with the speed and dexterity of a professional. In minutes gone were the weeds and fluffed was the soil, as she gesticulated with the small garden trowel explaining, “Air, they need air. Let them go few days no water. Then give water when they need...

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Putting on a different hat (literally)

Hi! My name is Rory and I’m from rural Maine. I’m one of the two interns running the Harvard Community Garden this summer, and we’ll share some of our adventures on this blog with you!

The first two weeks have definitely been a wild ride. A whirlwind of weeding, figuring out what is planted where, and harvesting way too many radishes. See the attached picture of just one of the buckets of radishes we harvested. One of the things I was most excited about was when we planted cucumbers, which are my favorite vegetable. They are just beginning to sprout now.

In my opinion, one of...

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Trip to the Harvard Forest and Farm School!

The Harvard Community Garden just returned from a day trip to the Harvard Forest up in Petersham, MA. We hiked around the pond and through the forest: it was a perfect day for exploring! 

At the Farm School, which one of our members worked at a few years ago, we checked out cows and goats, as well as saw mills and a school bus converted to a small bedroom!! Check out our pictures here or on Instagram @harvardcommunitygarden for more!

The year is winding down for undergraduates, and most of us will be gone within the next week. Our last workday with the whole club is...

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Growing season is here!

After a seemingly never-ending winter, we've finally reached the spring and begun growing in the garden! Over the past couple of weeks, we've planted potatoes, radishes, onions, kale, and so much more in our new beds and in our (newly) functional greenhouse. 

We'd love to see all of you at our weekly workdays on Fridays from 4-6pm; come drop by and say hello, plant some seeds, and enjoy the beautiful weather in the community garden. 

If you can't stop by in person, check out our Instagram @harvardcommunitygarden for pictures of what we're working on!

See you...

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Happy July from the Garden!

Hope everyone had a relaxing and celebratory long weekend! 

Here in the garden we had a special holiday movie night featuring Forrest Gump for a little US history.

We also had fun tie dying at the Grateful Dead themed Farmer's Market and made a little trip over to Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds on Wednesday for a CRAFT on livestock. 

Today the garden is bountiful with produce after all the nice weather. We have tons of salad, Asian greens, bell peppers, chard, kale and a variety of herbs to bring over to the summer shelter for dinner tonight. ...

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The Garden's Ultimate June Week or How is it Already July??

As I sit here under the uncertain, ever-changing skies of Cambridge, I realize that it has been a full month since this summer garden internship began. Officially, summer started last week with the solstice, and now here July comes chomping at the bit, soon to overtake us whether we like it or not. This too is the nature of the garden, a small patch of calm and methodical growth and decay, defiantly moving too slowly to be perceptible, yet deliberately proceeding in the midst of the chaotic concrete urban landscape. Noticing the tiny but methodical daily changes in the garden  ...

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