June 2015

The Garden's Ultimate June Week or How is it Already July??

As I sit here under the uncertain, ever-changing skies of Cambridge, I realize that it has been a full month since this summer garden internship began. Officially, summer started last week with the solstice, and now here July comes chomping at the bit, soon to overtake us whether we like it or not. This too is the nature of the garden, a small patch of calm and methodical growth and decay, defiantly moving too slowly to be perceptible, yet deliberately proceeding in the midst of the chaotic concrete urban landscape.

Welcome to Summer

Welcome to summer (ignoring the rain) in the Harvard Community Garden! We are Marina DeFrates and Kevin Friel, the new garden interns for this summer. 
We just wanted to bring your attention to a few things happening in and around the garden this summer:
  • Workdays: every Friday from 3-6PM, beginning this Friday; come help out around the garden and bring some tasty edibles home with you